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Since 1 August 2007; We are constantly working to follow national and international innovations in the congress, meeting organization and event management sector and to adapt to changes with new applications.

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Our Contracted Hospitals and Clinics
Koru Hospital
Koru Healthcare Group, with the influence of its founders who are doctors and academicians, has adopted the mission of being a healthcare organization that prioritizes academic and ethical understanding, focuses on patient satisfaction, and grows by following the changes in all areas of medicine. With its technological infrastructure, vision, academic physician staff, it has assumed an important role in the provision of national and international health services.
Our Contracted Hospitals and Clinics
Medicana Hospital
Medicana Healthcare Group started providing healthcare services in 1992 with a patient-centered approach, a highly experienced and specialized team, and a commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector. The group operates 12 hospitals and 2 medical centers in 7 cities across Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Samsun, Sivas, and Bursa.
Our Contracted Hospitals and Clinics
Oktay Banli Clinic
Professor Doctor Oktay Banli and his team of experienced physicians, nurses, and dietitians at the Oktay Banli Clinic in Ankara have successfully performed nearly 8,000 bariatric surgeries. It is offered personalized evaluations to determine the most suitable surgical method for each patient based on their body mass index, associated health conditions, eating and drinking habits, and expectations.